How to Use DC-DC Converter?

DC-DC converters are commonly used in mobile devices such as cell phones and notebooks, which are mainly powered by batteries. Such electronic devices often have many sub-circuits and require different power supply voltages than those provided by batteries or external power sources. Moreover, when the battery power is reduced, the voltage will also drop. A switching DC-DC converter can be used with a battery that has dropped in voltage to maintain the voltage of the supply circuit within a certain range, so there is no need to use multiple batteries for this purpose.

Circuit diagram

Most DC-DC converters also regulate the output voltage, although there are some exceptions, such as high-efficiency LED driver circuits that regulate the AC-DC converter to LED current, and simple charge pumps that increase the output voltage to two or three times the original.

DC-DC converters can also be used with photovoltaic arrays or wind engines, the purpose is to allow the collection of the most energy. Such devices are called power converters.

How to connect the converter?

The DC-DC converter has three colors of wires, the black negative wire, the red power wire, and the yellow output wire.

First, connect the black negative wire of the black power supply, and then use electrical tape to wrap the wire. After that, connect the red power cable with the gray power cable on the power supply, do not connect the red and black wires here. Then connect the yellow output wire with the output wire on the power supply, the output wire is the wire of the car key to control the tram. Finally, all three wires will be wrapped with electrical tape, so that the connection is ready!

If you install the whole car, add the converter at the positive connection of the whole car line, that is, the connection of the lock line to the line from the body power supply to the controller.

Connect the lock wire to the car power supply line to the positive terminal of the converter, connect the output line of the converter to the car power supply line, and connect the negative line of the converter directly to the negative terminal of the car line.

If only used on the headlights is simple, cut the positive terminal of the headlight line, the powered end is connected directly to the incoming line of the converter, the output of the converter is connected directly to the positive terminal of the headlights, and the negative terminal of the converter is connected directly to the negative terminal of the lights.

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