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DC-DC Converters

Our Projects

DC-DC Converter in Electric Vehicles

After the new energy electric vehicles become popular, you will often hear about the DC-DC converter. DC-DC converter is a very important component on electric vehicles.

DC-DC Boost Converters in Computer

Laptop computers generally require more than 12V depends on the brand and computer model. To meet the charging requirement of computer, a boost converter is needed.

Professional DC-DC Converters Provider

We are a leading company of DC-DC converters in China, and we also have rich experience in isolated DC converters and high voltage DC converters. We are also a supplier specializing in Boost/Buck converters. You are free to ask anything about converters. We will provide full solution to meet your request such as automotive, marines, medical and fuel cell, etc.

Our Products

Industry grade DC-DC converter is adapted with synchronization rectification technology and built-in smart chip. Our converter provides over/under voltage input, overload, overhead, and short circuit full protection. 100% waterproof & anti-shock protection. Designed with aluminum shell and silicone sealed, no worry of using in rainy weather. Buying DC-DC converter from ATO is your best choice.