DC-DC Converters in Power Communication system

DC-DC converters are much less costly than inverters. DC-DC converters can be used in many places instead of inverters, such as in cars with cell phone chargers, satellite receivers, and laptops. DC-DC converters are commonly used in mobile devices such as cell phones and notebooks, which are mainly powered by batteries. Such electronic devices often have many sub-circuits and require different power supply voltages than those provided by batteries or external power sources. Moreover, when the battery power is reduced, the voltage will also drop. Switching DC-DC converters can be used with a battery whose voltage has dropped to keep the voltage supplied to the circuit within a certain range, so there is no need to use multiple batteries for this purpose.

Application of DC-DC converter in power communication system


With the continuous development of communications industry, communications power supply as the most important part of the communications system, not only shoulders the function of maintaining the safe, reliable and stable operation of the communications system, but also must ensure that it can continuously provide a stable and efficient power supply to communications equipment. The communication equipment in the substation is a strong guarantee for the supply of power to the communication equipment, thus ensuring the normal operation of the power supply network. As the unmanned substations in recent years are fully popularized and developed into digital substations, the development of DC-DC converters instead of battery banks has been widely quoted in the substation. And because the DC-DC converter power supply eliminates the battery pack, so the input power can be turned into the DC operating power system of the substation, so this method can be the design and manufacture of the communication power supply becomes very simple, in this case not only can reduce the capital investment in equipment, but also no battery pack-related maintenance of capital investment, so by the majority of power users’ favorite

For DC converters, because the hardware technology used in the power supply module is common mainstream technology, so on top of ensuring the normal power supply of the system can also further realize the convenient management of the power supply, so that the power supply system can be continuously expanded. The DC converter power module output of various items of indicators must comply with the relevant requirements of the current power supply technology standards.

Advantages of DC-DC converters in power communication systems

  1. Improve the reliability of power supply. In order to ensure stable, safe and reliable performance of the input power supply, so the design of the DC converter power module must also be designed in accordance with the DC input design as two ways, and each way to be divided into a group of battery system or two groups of battery system according to the bus of DC control power or two sections of bus.
  2. Control the area of the substation. The area control of the substation should be selected in accordance with the requirements of the local urban land planning area. As the use of unmanned way to design the substation in the computer monitoring and protection function for the weak point equipment to improve the anti-interference ability, so that the control building, building can be eliminated, the substation in the city network must be reasonable and appropriate use of urban streets, residential areas, etc., to ensure that the substation transport channel and fire channel to reduce the floor space.
  3. Network intelligence. Network intelligent substation is the primary equipment and network secondary equipment layered components, mainly refers to the system based on standard and related communication standards, through the network intelligence can realize the electrical equipment inside the substation to achieve information sharing and interaction and other functions.

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