Why Converters are Installed on Electric Bikes?

The earliest 36V and 48V electric bikes do not have converters. For example, for 48V bikes, the working voltage of the bulb is 56V, why do they use 56V for 48V lights?

This is because when the electric bike is just fully charged, the voltage at both ends of the battery pack is much higher than 48V, and may reach about 54V. Therefore, it needs to be rated at a higher voltage. The disadvantage of this design is also the bulb working voltage is too high, the battery energy loss is also relatively large, there is an important issue, because the battery power is low, the voltage drops, such as down to the under-voltage protection value, the voltage difference between this is relatively large, relatively easy to burn out the bulb.

Electric bike

So in recent years, electric bike manufacturers have made improvements, and all electric bikes are installed with converters, except for the simple models of electric bikes. Because the voltage converted by the converter is 12 volts, these bulbs and horns are very widely used on motorcycles, and you can find accessories everywhere. This is also an important reason for the improvement of electric car manufacturers using DC-DC converters.

Another point, because the converted voltage is quite stable, so it is not affected by the adequacy of the electric vehicle power supply, that is, whether it is just fully charged or has reached the under-voltage protection value, will not have any impact on the sound and light system, the sound and light system is more durable.

Where the dc converter is usually installed?

Most of the electric car converters, which are mounted next to the controller, have the appearance of a rectangular aluminum housing. Some models are mounted inside the front panel and can be seen when the panel is removed. Most converters are made up of three wires, a black wire, a yellow wire and a black/red wire. The black/red wire is the power supply voltage, for example, 60V car, the black/red wire voltage is 60V, that the yellow wire is out of the power line. Under normal circumstances about 12V, the highest shall not exceed 13.5 volts, the lowest shall not be lower than 10.5V. If too high will burn the bulb, if too low bulb will not light, the horn sound hoarse. The black wire is the negative pole, this wire is connected to the negative pole of the whole car.

On the converter, there is usually a fuse, which is a fuse on the yellow wire. If the fuse blows, then the whole car lighting system and the horn is not working properly, but the vehicle can still run normally, the handle is not affected, the power display is also unaffected? Because the power display is the direct use of the power supply voltage.

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