8V-36V to 12V DC-DC Boost-Buck Converter

Product description

These 8V-36V to 12V DC-DC boost-buck converters are excellent power transformers, can work safely and reliable in -40°C~80°C range. Compact aluminum shell with epoxy potting, 100% waterproof, anti-dust, anti-shock protection and better heat dissipation.

Adopt synchronous rectification technology to improve conversion efficiency. These converters are high reliability power transformers. They are widely used to golf cart, motor, speaker, GPS, LED car display screen, air-conditioner, electric fan, solar energy, photo-voltaic power, DVD, industrial equipment, etc.


  • The synchronous rectifier circuit use MOSFET instead of rectifier diode to greatly reduce the loss of the rectifier and improve the converter efficiency.
  • Wide input voltage range: 8V to 36V.
  • Compact aluminum shell with epoxy potting is anti-shock, damp-proof ,anti-dust protections and better heat dissipation.
  • Auto-recovery when device is back to normal operating.
  • 8V-36V to 12V DC-DC boost-buck converters are assembled with smart chip–has features of over-current /over-load /low-load /short-circuit /over-heat intelligent protection.


Input voltage range8V-36V
Input efficiency96% @ 12V input
Output voltage12V
Output current15A/20A/30A
Output power180W/240W/300W
Output ripple & noise160mV
Working temperature-35 ~ +80℃
Working humidity10% ~ 90%RH
Storage temperature-50 ~ +125℃
Short circuit protectionYES
Over current protectionYES
Over temperature protectionYES
Over voltage protectionYES


  • Be sure to make the correct connection according to the product nameplate and the wire marking. The wrong connection will cause the damage of the product, and even result in the danger of fire and so on.
  • To ensure safety, a fuse should be connected to the input terminal to prevent the permanent damage caused by wrong connection of positive and negative pole and over-voltage. Some products have been installed the fuse before leaving the factory, and due to the current reason, you’d better match fuse for those products with no fuse.